Cartier jewelry ring lettering service

Many people want to write on the replica Cartier ring, but the Cartier ring lettering and other brand rings have different places, such as in the font selection and lettering process.

The following by for everyone to detail the Cartier ring lettering related content.

Cartier ring lettering and other jewelry brand lettering there are some differences in the font selection, Cartier ring lettering service provides two kinds of options to choose from, Cartier support inner ring lettering, of course, including the outer ring lettering, inside and outside the circle lettering to meet the Most people ‘s lettering needs.

cartier ring replica

cartier ring replica

Finally, we introduce the Cartier ring lettering lettering process.

Cartier love ring replica lettering font selection. 1, standard body, “CARTIER” this font. 2, flower body, is very pretty kind of English can be engraved within 23 letters, including punctuation and spaces. You can select some icons. But can not engrave Chinese, only English.

Cartier ring lettering requires a certain process, generally need to send the ring to the counter to the letter and then retrieve. Depends on whether you are opening a ring or a sealed ring. Sealed rings are possible, and are not inlaid with diamonds or only 4 diamonds. Purchase free of charge within 3 months, but is to be carried out after the sale, directly to the boutique, fill in the lettering and then wait for the notice to take on the line. Do not forget to bring the certificate.

cartier love ring in yellow gold

cartier love ring in yellow gold

In the technical and space conditions permitting, for your fake Cartier jewelry engraved on your personal unique mark, can be composed of letters by the adult name, words, date, it can be a simple symbol pattern.

Lettering service in the purchase of Cartier jewelry works within three months without additional charges, and need to issue a certificate of Cartier works. The lettering is done by Cartier Jewelry Technician, which includes the following steps:

The work of inspection and analysis;

Lettering: The possibility of engraving content depends on the available space for lettering. The traditional way is to use a knife in the metal surface chisel text or pattern. Now most of the engraved are used high-tech laser engraving, pattern more rules, more uniform.

cartier love bracelet in yellow gold

cartier love bracelet in yellow gold

Ultrasonic cleaning of jewels in warm water tanks where cleaning agents are added, especially in corners that are not readily accessible. In addition to emerald, pearls, or other similar fragile gemstones, all jewelry is suitable for ultrasonic cleaning.

Perform a function and appearance inspection in accordance with replica Cartier Jewelry quality standards.

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