Mother, did you smile

In memory, the mother has always been a thrifty woman, the whole body is not a broken clothes, nor a precious cheap cartier jewelry. Father does not understand romance, and together with mother, even the roses are not sent to the mother.

cartier love ring in yellow gold

cartier love ring in yellow gold

Sometimes, I let my father give my mother a replica cartier ring or earrings or something, the father always said the mother did not like these things, bought and will not wear. I think, probably because the father too much understanding of the mother did not save these unnecessary spending it do not buy, does not mean that the father does not love the mother.

People are gradually growing up, blink of an eye, I also arrived at the age of marriage. Looking for a gentle sensible girlfriend, the New Year to take home to parents to see. Talking about marriage matters, jewelry is of course essential. Girlfriend has always wanted a cheap cartier love ring with diamonds, I certainly do not want her disappointed, the family went to the jewelry city.

Soon, my girlfriend fancy a cartier love ring ring. Put on his girlfriend, slender fingers wearing a diamond flash ring, just like the princess. Mother also helped to pick, stay on a ring for a long time, let his girlfriend try this ring. Had to say that his girlfriend’s hand is very suitable for wearing a ring, in her hands, rings are like life is very soft. When it comes to price, the two rings are close to 200,000, for a just out of hard work, really a little affordable. Finally, look at the strike again. Later, my girlfriend did not see any the ring.

cartier love bracelet in yellow gold

cartier love bracelet in yellow gold

Home, or to discuss this marriage matters, my girlfriend and I all listen to the arrangements at home. Speaking of wedding jewelry, has been obeying arranged girlfriend, suddenly raised objections. I thought she insisted on the replica cartier love ring and winked at her. But unexpected girlfriend said, “Do not buy cartier love ring, and no effect, say she does not like these things.” Very distressed, she obviously is very fond of. The mother suddenly stood up, gently holding his girlfriend’s hand was trembling, under a great determination of the same “to buy that diamond ring, the child, I know you like, the cartier love ring as I give you the wedding gift” has always been frugal Mother, suddenly bent to give his girlfriend to buy a ring, which makes his father also shocked.

Night, my girlfriend told me that the reason why my mother today, probably because of just the words, let her think of the year and his father married before the situation. Father and mother are deeply in love with each other, always consider each other, the other in mind. But I do not know the mother of a lie, his father was true. The father is to understand the mother, that day the mother’s actions expose the lie of the year.

On the day of marriage, I gave my girlfriend the cartier love ring. The father also come up with a box, half kneeling in front of his mother, “the child’s his mother, and then marry me once again? The audience sensation, the father surprised her mother tears in the box, shy like a little girl, keep pulling his father stood up, his mouth was cursed, “the old man do not take my son to grab the limelight.” … … I know, Mother is happy at that moment. The final father give mother to wear the cheap cartier love ring.

Sometimes, the woman is so silly, for a heart of the people, to give up too much should be able to have something. Mother’s smile, so that his father also understand that over the years, her quietly paid love.

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