Tropical style Cartier necklace

Cartier jewelry replica Étourdissant series is the joy of life praise, soft, unbridled, happy, happy, eternal spring flowers and a dream. Among them, the iconic style of re-interpretation of the fruit of the kit is particularly impressive.

This refreshing Smart fake Cartier necklace works more condensed 5000 hours of careful carving. Cartier jewelry division to face the imagination of the technical challenges, to create a light to the hard to detect the platinum inlay.

cartier fine jewelry

cartier fine jewelry

The mysterious ruby, shiny green emerald, clear crystal sapphire and diamond flower buds to build the traditional Indian plant shape, and through the central mosaic of a weight 37.37 karats of the Colombian emerald pendant, exudes a rich and unrestrained tropical style.

This replica Cartier necklace can be used as a necklace, short necklace or pendant to wear, creating three different styles.

Caratian agra necklace, platinum, carved Colombian Emerald weight 37.37 Carat, 2 carved drop-shaped carved emerald total weight 40.98 kt, triangular carving sapphire weight 24.13 kt, melon-shaped cut emerald, sapphire beads, carved sapphires, Carved rubies, carved emerald, convex round cut ruby, convex round cut sapphire, onyx, bright cut diamonds.

It’s 4 carving center gem can be removed, wearing a fake Cartier necklace alone.

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Cartier Pur Absolu diamond necklace appreciation

According to press reports, March 4, 2016, held in Shanghai International Center of the Cartier “dancing light and bright life” jewelry show on the Cartier Pur Absolu diamond necklace, is the fake Cartier jewelry craftsman spent 1000 hours to build.

Amulette de Cartier necklace

Amulette de Cartier necklace

So, let us work together to appreciate this famous Cartier necklace.

Cartier Pur Absolu diamond necklace, the main drilling weight of 30.21 kt, Cartier micro-film “Diamonds is a woman’s best friend” in the mirror. Two total weight 7.26 karats of kite-shaped ladder cutting diamonds, with a weight of 17.41 grid order, rounded moist natural pearl. Among them, such a weight of the main stone, clarity can reach lla type, the net through flawless.

Production of this replica Cartier necklace, spent more than 1,000 hours of Cartier jewelry master, the whole necklace did not leave the traces of the mosaic, as a totally natural work of art. Pur Absolu main stone can also be converted to a geometric design of pawl set ring. A stone dual-use concept, clever Cartier style unique aesthetic and exquisite craftsmanship combined.

cartier love bracelet in yellow gold

cartier love bracelet in yellow gold

Cartier jewelry China CEO Lee Han-long, and just returned from Milan Fashion Week Zhang Yu Qi also came to the scene. In the recent popular movie “Mermaid” in the high value of the US fried days of Zhang Yu Qi, personally wear and interpretation of this PurAbsolu diamond necklace.

After we introduced, is not really want to see this cheap Cartier necklace of the real capacity? However, unfortunately, in our replica Cartier jewelry store does not have this necklace, but you can find other replica Cartier love necklace or Cartier panther necklace and so on.